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2 Innovative Tactics to Get Noticed by Hiring Managers

job search networking newsletter Dec 02, 2023

Read time: 4 minutes


Hiring is still happening this holiday season! ❄️


The good news is there’s less competition, but even still, you've got to find ways to get noticed by hiring managers.


Unfortunately, you can’t just let your experience speak for itself. There’s too much noise (other applicants) in the job market.


So, what can you do during the application process to communicate your value in a way that will resonate with hiring managers?


First, you need to consider what hiring managers want.

They want someone who is…

  • Able to ramp up and contribute quickly
  • Low risk (will succeed in the role)
  • Easy to coach and get up to speed


To demonstrate that you’re the right fit for the role, hit the criteria above, and get noticed, you have to be creative and intentional.


Let’s examine 2 strategies to help you get hired this holiday season.


1. Send Personalized Outreach to the Hiring Manager

Taking the initiative to reach out directly to hiring managers or team members can set you apart from other applicants.*


The truth is that most applicants don’t bother, and if they do, they struggle to find the right thing to say.


In the last 2 months alone, we’ve had conversations with 100s job seekers, and we’ve found that if they send messages to hiring managers, they’re not sending effective ones.


As a result, the message ends up blending in and might look something like this:


“Hi, Hiring Manager! I’m interested in working on your team and would love to learn more about the [role].”


The problem with this message is that it’s not specific, doesn’t make a case for your candidacy, and they’re going to tell you to read the job description (if they even respond).




“Hi, Hiring Manager! I applied to [role], and I believe my experience makes me an excellent fit.”


This message is too generic and doesn’t answer the question, “Why are you a good fit?”


Generic messages don’t get responses and aren’t going to leave a lasting impression on hiring managers.


You need to be crystal clear on the value you will bring their team and communicate it in a clear and concise manner. Your goal is to get noticed by the hiring manager and land an interview.


That’s why you should craft a personalized message that is (1) tailored to the individual and role and (2) clearly explains (with examples) how you’re a fit for the role and will be able to contribute quickly.


This approach shows your enthusiasm for the role and resonates better with hiring managers.


Here’s a structure you can use moving forward: 



Hi [Name],

I’ve applied to [ROLE], and I’m really excited about the opportunity to work for [COMPANY]. I wanted to reach out and share my why behind applying for this role and how I believe I’ll be able to add immediate value to your team.

  • [Reason #1 → Primary Value Proposition and WHY]
  • [Reason #2 → ...]
  • [Reason #3 → … ]

Because of [reasons 1, 2, and 3], I am confident I’ll be able to ramp up and contribute quickly to your team.

Thank you for your consideration!


Attach resume & portfolio


Instead of just sending a connection request or InMail on LinkedIn, consider getting your message directly into their inbox.


Use free tools like (100 free email lookups) or to find the manager’s email address based on their name and company.


This tactic helps you communicate your value, but let’s dive into tactic #2 to understand how you can demonstrate your value.


2. Build a Standout Interactive Portfolio

You want to do more than tell hiring managers that you can be successful; you want to show them.


That’s where an online portfolio can effectively showcase your work and skills, making the case that you’ll succeed in the role.




Whether you have 15+ years of experience or are a career changer, portfolios are an innovative way to differentiate yourself from other candidates.


You can build a portfolio on Google Sites, Notion, or other platforms.


Then, link in your resume, add it to your LinkedIn profile in the featured section (see image below), and include it in your outreach messages.

And it’s not just for instructional designers or developers; it’s also relevant for sales and other nontechnical roles.


Here are some examples of projects you can build for your portfolio:

  1. Intro Video: Film a short introduction video to provide insight into who you are and why you are pursuing the role.
  2. Micro Demos: Include short videos demonstrating products or services you’ve successfully pitched, showcasing your sales and presentation skills.
  3. Presentations: Add presentations or talks you’ve given to exhibit your communication and subject matter expertise.
  4. Writing Samples: Blog posts, articles, marketing copy, or other written content.
  5. Volunteer Work: Projects or tasks you’ve undertaken as part of volunteer work can showcase your skills.

And so much more!


You can get creative with it, but it is crucial to focus on projects and samples that are 100% relevant to your target role.


Remember your goal is to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills that will enable you to succeed in your target role


Use this next month to start building your portfolio, focusing on projects that best represent the skills and experience needed for your target role.


A well-crafted portfolio can be a game-changer in your job search.


Key Takeaways

  1. Personalized Outreach is Crucial: To stand out among other candidates, it’s essential to communicate your value to hiring managers in a clear, concise, and personalized manner. This involves tailoring your message to the individual and the role and clearly illustrating—with examples—how you're a fit for the role and can contribute quickly.
  2. Showcase Skills Through an Interactive Portfolio: Building an online portfolio is an innovative way to demonstrate your skills and experiences beyond your resume. It allows you to visually present your accomplishments and potential, making a stronger case for your candidacy.
  3. Creativity and Intentionality are Key: The job market is crowded, and letting your experience speak for itself is no longer sufficient. Being creative and intentional in how you present yourself can set you apart!


*See “How to Land More Interviews” for guidance on other key contacts to reach out to and how to find the right people on LinkedIn.


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