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I'm Mattie Stremic

Co-Founder of Better Career

I'm a Career Transition Coach, Learning & Development enthusiast, and I/O Psychology practitioner. I'm passionate about building skill-focused training programs that accelerate professional growth and facilitate life-changing career transitions.

In my most recent role as the Head of PreSales Collective & Academy, I helped career changers from all different professional backgrounds venture into the tech landscape. I also worked with tech professionals to advance their careers through skill-based training and coaching.

Why am I well-equipped to help you in your career journey? I've:

  • Helped 100+ people start brand new careers within the Tech industry
  • Former HR Program Manager with expertise in designing hiring processes, building recruiting strategies, & recruiting top tech talent
  • Designed and developed award-winning career transition programs

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Man crossing arms and smilling.

I'm Yuji Higashi

Co-Founder of Better Career

As a former Senior Director and Co-Founder of PreSales Collective and PreSales Academy I've developed a passion and a proven method for helping people find, land, and advance in careers that they love.

Why am I well equipped to help you in your career journey? I've:

  • Built and led teams in multiple high-growth Tech companies (mostly recently as Senior Director at Outreach)
  • Built a deep network of thousands of hiring managers and recruiters through founding PreSales Collective and Academy
  • Hired, interviewed, and coached thousands of people throughout my career
  • Helped 100+ people start brand new careers within the Tech industry (some who 3X their salaries)

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When I'm not working on Better Career, I'm an angel investor, a mentor to entrepreneurs, and an LP at GTM Fund, a rolling fund investing in early-stage B2B SaaS companies.

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