10 Tips to Build a Standout LinkedIn Profile

job search newsletter Mar 16, 2024

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6 people are hired every minute on LinkedIn.


48% of hirers on LinkedIn explicitly use skills data to fill their roles.


LinkedIn Newsroom.


There's no doubt that your LinkedIn profile is critical for your job search.


But as it stands today, does it attract people to you or steer them away?


A standout LinkedIn profile does two critical things exceptionally well:


  1. Speaks Directly to Your Audience: It doesn't just list your experiences; it articulates how those experiences make you an invaluable asset to future employers.
  2. Engages and Intrigues: It uses every element, from the banner image to the summary section, to pique interest and keep them reading more. 


So, how do you craft a LinkedIn profile that not only stands out but also effectively communicates your value?


Let's explore 10 strategies that make profiles stand out ✨


1. Set the Stage: Your Banner Image


Your banner is the first impression you make. It's the backdrop of your professional story on LinkedIn.


  • Utilize tools like [Canva](https://www.canva.com/) to design a banner that reflects your professional identity and aspirations.
  • Tailor it to broadcast your target role, incorporating elements that speak to your industry or personal brand. 


Which example looks better?

Example #1



 Example #2





I'm pretty sure we'd all say #2 because it compellingly highlights her value, experience, and target role.


2. The Face of Your Brand: Profile Picture


Your profile picture is one of the first things people see on your profile, as well as your connection requests. 


  1. Choose a professional headshot where you are centered and smiling. 
  2. Ensure the lighting casts you in your best light, and a simple, uncluttered background keeps the focus on you. 


Do you need a new headshot but don't want to pay for professional photos? Use your iPhone or Secta Labs for a solid AI-generated photo. 


3. Crafting Your Headline: Your Professional Tagline

This is your chance to shine in 120 characters, which are what people see in search results, posts, and comments.

  • Structure your headline strategically. Start with your target job title, sprinkle in your key skills or roles, add any relevant credentials, and end with a unique value proposition that sets you apart.
    • For example, "Digital Marketing Specialist | SEO & PPC Expert | Google Analytics Certified | Driving engagement & sales."


4. The Heart of Your Profile: About (Summary)

This section is your elevator pitch. It’s where you tell your story, highlight accomplishments, and share your career aspirations.

  • Write in the first person to create a personal connection with the reader. Start with a hook that compels them to click “...see more,” then use bullet points to make your achievements easy to digest.
  • Mix in your skills, experience, and a glimpse of your personality to round out a compelling narrative.


5. Showcasing Your Achievements: Featured Section

Think of this as your professional portfolio. It’s where you can showcase your proudest projects, media mentions, or any content that adds depth to your professional story.

  • Curate your featured content with intention. Whether it’s a link to a successful project, a piece of thought leadership, or a recorded presentation, make sure it aligns with your professional goals.
  • Custom thumbnails can add a visual punch, drawing more eyes to your achievements.


6. Your Professional Journey: Experience

This section outlines your career path. It's not just a list of jobs; it's a narrative of your growth and achievements.

  • For each role, start with a brief overview of your responsibilities and follow up with bullet points highlighting your key contributions and achievements.
  • Use action verbs to convey your impact and include metrics where possible. Tailoring your experience to your target role can make your profile more relevant and compelling.


7. Foundation of Your Career: Education

Your academic background can tell a lot about you. It’s not just about where you went to school but also what you did while you were there.

  • In addition to listing your degrees, include any relevant extracurriculars, honors, or activities that demonstrate your skills, leadership, or commitment to your field.


8. Validating Your Skills: Licenses & Certifications

This section is golden in an era when skills often trump traditional education. It proves your continuous learning and expertise.

  • Keep this section updated with any new certifications or licenses you acquire.
  • Ensure they are relevant to your desired role to strengthen your profile's relevance and appeal.


9. Endorsing Your Abilities: Skills & Endorsements

This is where your professional community validates your strengths. It's not just about listing skills; it's about having the right ones endorsed.

  • Prioritize hard skills and technical tools relevant to your target role.
  • Engage with your network to get endorsements for these skills, which can significantly enhance your profile’s credibility.


10. Testimonials of Your Work: Recommendations

Recommendations are testimonials highlighting your work ethic, achievements, and impact.

  • Request recommendations from colleagues, managers, or clients who can speak directly to your contributions and character.
  • Provide them with context or points you’d like them to cover to ensure the recommendations are as impactful


Key Takeaways:

  1. First Impressions Count: Your LinkedIn profile should clearly communicate your value and entice viewers to want to learn more about you. Ensure that your banner, profile picture, and headline collectively reflect your professional identity and aspirations.
  2. Narrative and Clarity: Your profile should directly address the needs of your audience—whether potential employers, clients, or collaborators—by clearly articulating how you can help them achieve their goals or solve their problems. Use the About section and Experience listings to weave a compelling narrative of your professional journey, emphasizing your achievements and unique skills.


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