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How to Find Unlisted Jobs

job search newsletter Aug 20, 2023

You may miss out on your dream job if you rely solely on the big job boards for your search.


Job boards like LinkedIn Jobs and Indeed make it easy to find jobs, but not all jobs are listed on them.


That’s because it costs employers a hefty fee to list open positions on LinkedIn, Indeed, etc., so they may only post a fraction of their jobs on those job boards.


However, they will have all their public job postings on their website (Careers page). The job postings on their Career page will be hosted by their ATS (Applicant Tracking System).


Now, you could go to each company's website to search for the job title you’re looking for, but that would be slow and painful.


Or you can use the power of Google to search across them all (or many of them)!


Since ATH-hosted career pages are public and indexed by Google, you can search across them easily using a simple search string. Below is the format you search in Google:


Site: {insert ATS domain} | {insert another ATS domain}{insert job title A}” OR “{insert job title B}


Note: the “site:” search function tells Google to search the site/domain that you specify. Use the | (pipe symbol by clicking Shift + \) between the domains to search multiple sites at once  


Let’s fill in each part...


1. Identify common titles for your target role

Since most jobs have many different titles, you’ll want to nail down the most common titles to use for your search.


For example: Sales Engineer = Solutions Consultant = Solutions Engineer


ChatGPT to the rescue! Use this prompt: “What are the top 5 most common job titles for [JOB TITLE]?” to get a few variations of your target job title.


2. Identify the top ATS domains.

Here are several:

Note: some companies use a different domain for their ATS than their core domain

  • (this is Workday)


3. Create your search string! | "customer success manager” OR “client success manager


Drop it into Google:


4. Filter your search results by post by date for the most recent postings



You can get fancier with it by including other parameters, for example:


Salary Ranges | | "sales engineer” AND (”$80,000” OR “$90,000” OR “$100,000”)

Industry | "sales engineer” AND “Cybersecurity”

Location or Remote | "sales engineer” AND “Remote”


Be sure to include the “ “ if you want to narrow your search.


This won’t find you every possible job under the sun, but if you run a few quick searches each week, you’ll come across a few under-the-radar roles that you wouldn’t otherwise find on LinkedIn Jobs or Indeed.


Give it a try, and let me know how it goes!




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