Don't Let Objections Stand in Your Way: Ace Your Next Interview

interviewing newsletter May 04, 2024

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Do you have any red flags?

Hiring teams are always on the lookout for potential red flags in candidates.

It's not because they want you to fail; they want to do their due diligence and find the best candidate.

As they review your resume, they might wonder:

  • "Do they have enough experience to succeed?"
  • "Why have they been out of work for so long?"
  • "Why have they changed jobs frequently?"
  • "Do they have the technical skills needed?"
  • "Are they overqualified and likely to move on quickly?"

They won't always voice it, but these might be red flags or objections for the hiring team.  

Is it fair to make these assumptions? No.

You and I both know there's always more to the story!

BUT if you want to get the job offer, you have to tell the right story.

Handling these objections well can be as crucial as your actual qualifications.

Let’s look at how you can adeptly address common interview objections and position yourself as the standout candidate. 


1. Handling Experience and Skill Objections

Common Concern: "You don't have enough experience to be successful in this role."

Whether or not you're a career changer, you might be running into this objection. 

Here's how you can address it 👇

  1. Analyze the Job Description: Carefully review the job description to identify the required skills and experiences. Be prepared to address any gaps in your background.
  2. Highlight Transferable Skills: If you’re from a different field or lack direct experience, emphasize skills that apply to the new role. Explain how these will contribute to your success.
  3. Demonstrate Learning Agility: Employers appreciate quick learners. Share examples from your past where you quickly acquired new skills or adapted to changes.
  4. Present a Personalized Ramp Plan: Offer a clear plan for getting up to speed. Outline actions you’ll take in your first 90 days to bridge any skills gap.


What does this look like? Here's a quick example... 

 "As a former real estate agent, I frequently used technology to enhance property management decisions. This included conducting software demos to show how our solutions could increase revenue.

My sales skills and technology experience make me a strong candidate for an AE role. To hit the ground running, I’ve developed a 90-day ramp-up plan to master your software and sales strategies, which I'd love to share."


2. Managing Career Gap Objections

Common Concern: "Why have they been out of work for so long?"

Career breaks are increasingly common, especially in a post-COVID world, but it could still raise concerns (it shouldn't!). 

Here's how you can address it 👇

  1. Create a Cohesive Narrative: Link your career breaks to a strategic career plan or personal growth. Explain how each phase has built your skill set and prepared you for the next challenge.
  2. Emphasize Achievements: Highlight specific metrics or successes from each role to demonstrate your impact, even in short tenures.
  3. Express Enthusiasm for the Role: Clearly articulate why this particular position and company excite you more than your previous roles. Explain how it fits into your long-term career goals.


Here's a quick example...

"Despite exceeding my sales quotas for three consecutive quarters, I was part of a company-wide reduction where 30% of employees were let go. I used the downtime to be with my family, raised $10k for the Boys and Girls Club, and completed a SaaS Sales certification to enhance my skills.

These experiences have fueled my desire to find a long-term fit where I can grow my career and leverage my 5+ years as a top-performing AE. [Company] is the perfect fit because..."


3. Overcoming Overqualification Concerns

Common Concern: "Aren't you overqualified for this position?"

Being perceived as overqualified can be a tricky hurdle.

Employers often worry that overqualified candidates will leave as soon as a better opportunity arises or may not be satisfied with the responsibilities or salary offered.

  • Emphasize Long-Term Interest: Make it clear why this role is a deliberate choice for you. Explain how it aligns with your career goals or personal interests.
  • Focus on Stability: Highlight your desire for stability and long-term growth within the company, which can reassure employers that you're looking to commit.
  • Discuss the Value You Bring: Talk about how your extensive experience will allow you to contribute from day one, potentially mentoring others or enhancing team capabilities.


Here's a quick example...

"I see this role as a strategic choice aligned with my long-term career goals. At this point, my top priorities are stability and the opportunity to make a significant impact. I’m eager to use my experience to mentor team members and drive key initiatives that benefit from my expertise.

This position aligns perfectly with my career path and personal commitments, and I'm committed to contributing long-term to your organization's success."


Remember, every interview is an opportunity to demonstrate how your unique experiences and skills make you the ideal candidate, even if they aren't a direct match on paper.

By proactively addressing potential red flags, you not only show that you are aware of how you might be perceived but also that you are thoughtful and prepared to counter these perceptions with clear, positive insights into how your background is a strength, not a liability!


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