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How to get the BEST possible salary

interviewing job search newsletter Oct 22, 2023

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How to Get the BEST Possible Salary

Making sure you get paid what you’re worth starts at the beginning of the interview process - not after you get the job offer.


It starts with this question to the recruiter:


What's the budget for the role? 💰


Always ask this question during the recruiter interview. They know how much salary (money) was budgeted to hire someone into the role. When you ask, they'll usually give you a range. They'll say something like:

"The budget is around $100k - $140k depending on experience."

Whatever range they give you, you will want to respond with:

"Great! That aligns with my expectations."


Here's why:

  • If the range is higher than you expected, congratulations - you're now in the interview process for a job that's paying more than what you were looking for!
  • What’s better, now that you know their budgeted range, you can use that to your advantage once you receive the offer and want to negotiate it.
  • If the range they gave you is lower than you expected, you can still try to land the job, and then you can negotiate the salary once you get an offer.


What not to say and what to say instead (Recruiter Interview)

If the recruiter asks you...


How much money do you currently make?

❌ Do not tell the recruiter how much money you currently make (it’s illegal for them to ask in most US states).

✅ Start by asking what the budget for the role is. If they insist on you providing your range, say “I’m open to a range based on the market rate for this role. From my research, that range is $100K-$140K. How does that align with the budget for this role?”


How many years of experience do you have?

❌ Do not say you don't have any experience.

✅ Do focus on what you do have. For example, "I have 3 years of experience doing X, Y, and Z, and I also have certifications in Sales Methodologies and have taken Demo2Win and Objection Handling training. Have you gotten the chance to check out my Sales Portfolio linked in my resume or on my LinkedIn?"

(note: these questions are examples for a sales position, but you can easily swap out the components to be relevant for you)


Do you have any questions for me?

❌ Do not say "no". (always, always, always ask questions)

✅ Do ask a few relevant questions pertaining to the role or the company. They can be anything you're curious about. For example:

  • "How is the Sales team structured? AE/SE ratios, geography, industry vertical, etc." (make this question relevant to the functional team the position is on)
  • "What are the most important qualities the hiring team is looking for in a candidate for this role?"
  • "Can you tell me about the interview process and timeline?"


Now, fast forward through the series of interviews that you crushed, and you received the job offer! Here’s what you do…


Tips to Negotiating

  1. Be specific 💰
    • If you want an extra $5K, ask for $10K and hope to land in the middle.
    • For most people pursuing a typical entry-level Tech role, asking for an additional 5-10% on top of the OTE is reasonable.
  2. Be appreciative and polite 🙏You always want to start by letting the hiring manager or recruiter know how appreciative you are of the opportunity to join their team. Asking for more compensation won’t be off-putting to the employer if you’re reasonable, appreciative, and polite in your request.
  3. Provide justification 📊
    • Go back to the original range you provided! If you’re below the mid-point you can ask to be moved up in the range.
    • Gather data to help make your case.,, etc. can be helpful but are often outdated and fall behind the pace of the market.
  4. Be confident 💪 As a hiring manager, I always appreciate when a candidate asks for more. It shows me they’re confident and can navigate tricky conversations. That’s the type of person I want on my team to be working with my customers. And remember, you’re expected to ask for more - there’s nothing to lose, but plenty to gain!


By asking the recruiters the right questions at the beginning of the interview process, you'll put yourself in an excellent position to not only advance to the following interview but also secure a job offer you're excited about!


If you want step-by-step guidance on how to get interviews, nail interviews, and negotiate your job offer (including word-for-word scripts), I encourage you to join the waitlist for the Job Accelerator program. It’s the best way to land a job quickly and avoid prolonging your job search.


See you next Sunday! 👋



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