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What Is the Average Solutions Engineer Salary in the US?

career growth Jul 03, 2024

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If you're a solutions engineer (SE) or considering a career pivot into this role, you should understand the salary expectations. This helps you plan your career and negotiate higher pay down the line.

On average, a solutions engineer can make between $86,000 and $255,000 per year. The total compensation may change based on several factors.

In today's guide, we'll break down the average solutions engineer salary in the US. We'll also share some tips to help you increase your wage.


Solutions Engineer Salary Breakdown

Curious to learn how much a solutions engineer earns every year? Here's a detailed breakdown:

National Average Solutions Engineer Salary

The average base salary of a solutions engineer ranges from $86,000 to $132,000 annually.

If additional pay is included, the total yearly compensation falls somewhere between $131,000 and $255,000. This extra pay covers commissions, tips, profit sharing, and cash bonuses.

When looking at these numbers, you may wonder why the range is so wide. That's because many factors affect the total pay of a solutions engineer.

For example, working for enterprises in the highest-paying cities demands higher wages compared to joining startups in smaller suburbs.

Solutions Engineer Salary by Experience

Experience level is the largest factor determining the total pay of a solutions engineer.

An entry-level solutions engineer with less than one year of experience makes $86,000 to $177,000 annually.

Meanwhile, a solutions engineer who's been working for one but less than three years earns $116,000 to $190,000.

A mid-level solutions engineer with four to nine years of experience has an average salary of $128,000 to $230,000.

Lastly, a senior solutions engineer who boasts a decade of experience can enjoy between $153,000 and $255,000.

Average Salary of Solutions Engineers by Location

Salaries can also vary depending on the location of the job.

For example, a solutions engineer in San Francisco or New York usually earns more than a candidate living in a smaller city. A San Francisco or NY-based professional can earn around $200,000 per year.

Solutions engineers living in Minneapolis closely follow behind. They make around $145,000 every year.

Lastly, a solutions engineer based in Austin, Texas, earns $132,000 per year.

Solutions Engineer Salary Based on Industry

The industry where a solutions engineer works also affects their salary. Some fields have a high demand for technical sales expertise. This leads to more sales jobs demanding greater pay.

For example, a solutions engineer in the information technology sector makes more money than someone in the hotel field. IT industries pay an annual salary of $152,000 to $243,000. In contrast, hotel services usually offer $109,000 to $163,000 per year.

The annual salary is even lower in the nonprofit sector. Solutions engineers in these industries earn around $99,000 to $161,000.


Common Benefits and Perks for Solutions Engineers

Solutions engineers earn more than the base salary. They also receive extra benefits and perks, such as:

  • Health and wellness benefits: Most companies offer comprehensive health insurance plans, which cover medical, dental, and vision health. Some organizations also include wellness programs in the total compensation package. 
  • Paid time off: Many, if not all, companies provide paid time off (PTO) as a standard benefit. PTO includes vacation days, sick leave, and holidays. These allow you to take time off work as needed.
  • Retirement plans: Most employers also offer retirement savings benefits, such as 401(k) plans. They help you save money for your future.
  • Flexible work arrangements: Remote work options and flexible hours are becoming increasingly common in today's work environment. These perks provide a better work-life balance.
  • Professional development opportunities: The best companies offer training programs, conferences, and workshops to help grow your career.


How to Increase Your Salary as a Solutions Engineer?

Below are some practical steps to help you increase your salary as a solutions engineer.

Continue Education

Most employers require candidates to complete a college education level. A bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or electrical engineering is usually a qualification you should have.

But in order to get the best possible salary, you must pursue further education. This shows your commitment to the field and keeps your skills sharp.

You can take online courses, attend workshops, or carry on with advanced degrees related to your field. For example, you can gain expertise in cloud computing or network security. Doing so helps you become a competitive candidate.

Obtain Certifications

Certifications are also a great way to prove your expertise and demand higher pay. These can set you apart from your peers.

You can obtain the following certifications from top organizations:

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
  • Google Professional Cloud Architect
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP)


Seek Career Advancement Opportunities

Moving up the career ladder often comes with a higher salary. You can look for opportunities within your company to take on more responsibilities. Or move into higher positions in other organizations. 

For example, you can become a lead solutions engineer or transition into a managerial role.

Negotiate Salary and Benefits

Lastly, you can negotiate with human resources to get a higher annual wage. The best time to negotiate your salary is when you're offered a new position or during performance reviews.

To improve your chances of success, you must research the average salaries for your role in your region. Then, present this information during your discussion.

You should also list your accomplishments and any additional responsibilities you’ve taken on. Be confident when presenting your case.

Remember, salary isn't the only aspect you can negotiate. You can also discuss benefits such as flexible working hours and additional vacation days.


Let Better Career Help You Highlight Your Value

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FAQs About Solutions Engineer Salary


What is a solutions engineer?

A solutions engineer is a professional who works closely with clients to understand their technical needs. They also collaborate with sales and product development teams to design solutions that meet specific customer requirements.

What is the starting salary for solutions engineers?

The starting salary for solutions engineers in the US is $86,000 per year. However, the total compensation can vary based on location, industry, education, and company size. Entry-level positions in tech hubs like San Francisco and New York often offer higher starting salaries.

How can I negotiate a higher base salary as a solutions engineer?

To negotiate a higher base salary, research average salaries in your area and prepare a list of accomplishments. Highlight your unique skills, certifications, and any contributions you've made to your current or previous employers. Effective communication, similar to crafting compelling marketing emails, can help you present your case confidently.

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